The Polaris


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The Polaris Work Journal is the perfect accompaniment to the Polaris Assessment. Using the workbook,  participants take a deeper dive into their assessment and take the time to reflect on their results.

The journal enables the process of developing emotional intelligence and discovering an individuals potential.  Working through the journal will reveal ideas on how to put that potential into action. It can be used individually but is powerful when used in a group setting.

the polaris Journal Topics
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Understanding YOUR personal behavioral style

  • Becoming aware of your natural "superpower"

  • Clearly seeing and reflecting on your natural strengths

  • How you show up in times of stress

  • Creating a plan to lower stress levels

  • Understanding and accepting others

  • Recognizing and appreciating diversity of thought

  • The importance of leveraging your strengths with the strengths of others

  • Understanding what motivates you and brings you energy

  • Selecting a school, major and career based on your DISC and Motivator styles