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Redefining genius

We believe in the hidden potential in every individual.  We believe that the process of discovering that potential and transforming it into action enables a person to discover their true genius - their innate, unique qualities and gifts that they bring to the world.  Through this awareness, navigating the world becomes easier and we become more accepting of the differences in others.

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The Polaris Assessment accompanying journal and leadership coaching, which trains on understanding behaviors and building emotional intelligence, can play an an important role in developing success in all areas of life. 


Meet your 

self-discovery guides

natalie beilein and amy schule

co-owners and self discovery guides


Natalie Beilein, M.S.Ed. lives in Youngstown NY, bordering the Niagara River and the shores of Lake Ontario.  She is married to Bill Beilein and together they have three children, plus many more they have come to love.  


Natalie has her Master’s in Science in School Counseling from Canisius College.  Natalie has been in education for 20+ years, teaching science prior to school counseling. Natalie is a community activist. She served on the Lewiston Porter School Board, serves on the Northpointe Council Board, the Leadership Niagara Mentoring Committee, the Niagara Falls Education Foundation Committee, and the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI) Education and Workforce Committee.  Currently, she is the executive director of The Isaiah-61 Project, a non-profit in Niagara Falls, NY with a focus on  workforce development in the skilled trades for the unemployed and underemployed.  


Natalie recognized quickly that eduction needed a more comprehensive approach with an equally important focus on developing emotional intelligence (EQ) along side of IQ.  EQ is necessary for students to truly develop their potential required to live their genius. Therefore, she created a Self Awareness Survey, The Polaris, along with her business partner, Amy.   Together, through Your End Game, they assist students in gaining exceptional self-awareness required for life's journey both personally and professionally.  


Amy Schule has over 26 years of experience in training, mentoring and coaching women and young adults in business and runs BraveGirls Wise Souls, working with teenage girls and young women to develop self confidence and self esteem. 

Amy's passion for helping people achieve their personal and professional goals is what inspired her create the Polaris Assessment and accompanying journal.  Amy's mission is to help young people realize their potential for greatness and use their unique gifts and abilities to thrive. Once empowered with knowledge and insight, Amy believes they can create a future of happiness, joy and success. 

With an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training from Canisius College and an MA in Health Studies from The University of Alabama, Amy has always been drawn to teaching in the areas of health and human performance. 

Together, with her partner Natalie Beilein, they created Polaris, a Self-Awareness Survey tool that can enable youth to become clear on the natural gifts they have been given and the knowledge to help them increase their social emotional intelligence to better navigate the world around them.  


The Polaris


The Polaris, or North Star, has a powerful history as a navigation tool by providing direction and helping travelers stay on course.  We each have an Inner North Star - our inner compass. It's the part of us that intuitively knows our passion, purpose and direction.

The Polaris Assessment is designed to help you begin to discover your inner North Star uncovering your potential and moving you toward the understanding that you have greater capabilities than you may have thought. 

The outcomes of students taking and learning about themselves through Polaris include: developing Social Emotional Learning skills, developing grit and resilience, and optimism and self-awareness. These skills are important foundational keys to overall student success.

A Glimpse Inside The Polaris Assessment:

HIghlight Page

Shows graphs of both DISC and Motivators along with a brief personalized overview of the individuals strengths and what motivates them.




"Thank you again for creating such an awesome assessment and report. I learned more about myself and a lot more about the strengths that I did not know that I had. I have also learned that I can deal with certain situations that make me uncomfortable. So exceptional. Truly grateful for my report and the unpacking workshop." 

L.F., Student TRaC

—  L.F. Student, TReC


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